Streamline your operations and grow your revenue with a powerful smart parking system

Advanced tools and data insights from eXactpark redefines the parking experience.

Experience a smart parking system that helps you make better decisions for your business

Parking has a major impact on customer experience, flow of traffic, and budgets for cities, campuses, and all types of private parking organizations.

eXactPark Smart Parking Solution from eleven-x provides real-time data insights that helps organizations streamline operations, improve revenues, optimize asset use, control costs, and reduce GHG emissions – all while providing the best customer service experience at a lower cost-per-space.

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Parking Affects Drivers, Which Impacts Your Organization

Help people get where they need to be quickly and painlessly.


From monitoring curbside parking, on-street spaces and surface lots and managing swells in centralized areas, eXactpark can help you maximize asset usage and increase revenue generation.

Municipality solutions


Students and staff are often short on time and can’t afford to spend ages looking for parking. Help them find parking near their class or building with real-time parking data and wayfinding.

Campus solutions

Private Organizations

Searching for parking can result in customer frustration, lost business, and reduced employee productivity. eXactpark takes the guesswork out of finding a space so your business can grow and thrive.

Business solutions

eXactpark smart parking system provides the tools you need to optimize the parking experience

Real-time parking status

Data-driven compliance

App-based wayfinding

Insights and analytics

Easy solution deployment & integration

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Our Customers

City of Stratford
City of Fredericton
City of Oakville
City of Spruce Grove
Calgary Parking Authority

Discover how a university campus
benefitted from a smart parking system.

The university is expanding deployment of eleven-x’s Intelligent Parking system, which includes wireless parking sensors, secure network connectivity and data capture that enables real-time monitoring and data analysis of parking space usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment apps are designed to do one thing really well… make it easy for drivers to pay. They aren’t designed to accurately show where an available space is, connect with wayfinding, provide real-time enforcement capabilities or enable a variety of actionable analytics. Combining your payment app with eXactpark ensures you are maximizing your assets and revenue potential.

Our wireless technology is designed to protect data using maximum security features including AES-128 encryption in all data transmissions. The data captured doesn’t include any personal data like license plates, names or even type of vehicle. It just captures when a vehicle begins parking in a space and when it vacates the space, but regardless, all data is secure.

Once installed, there really isn’t anything else that needs to be done. The health status of each of the sensors is accessed via our app and all software updates are automatically done wirelessly.

Do you have on-street or surface lots that you need to manage more closely? Want to improve revenues with directed compliance? eXactpark is suitable for a wide variety of organizations. Let’s connect and we can discuss your organization’s parking needs.

Yes, eXactpark enables stall-level occupancy monitoring so knowing the status and usage for individual spaces such EV charging and accessibility stalls is easy.